Health, Safety, Security and Environmental


Knowing the requirements is not enough.  Understanding how to apply and integrate them, in a meaningful way, within your operations is our goal.  From comprehensive program development to product handling training, our goal is to minimize risk and maximize customer satisfaction.


Compliance Audits

Review facility and documentation to verify compliance with applicable regulatory programs.

Develop compliance audit reports and systems to implement and measure corrective actions.

HSSE Policies, Programs, and Procedures and Training

Develop site-specific programs, procedures and opeating manuals for various compliance programs including:

USCG Operations Manual, USCG/EPA FRPs, SOPs, JHAs, DOT, OSHA, EPA, HSSE Manuals

Experienced in OSHA Voluntary Protection Program application and qualification requirements for an OSHA star-ranked facility.


Prepare permit applications  for site development and ongoing operating permits for air, water and waste.

Coordinate with local, state and Federal permitting entities.  Develop and negotiate permit limits.

Develop programs and systems to comply with permit conditions via monitoring, recordkeeping, drills, reporting and procedures.

Regulatory Tracking

Monitor industry trends to anticipate regulatory developments, author comments and modify programs and procedures to incorporate changes.

Risk Assessment Security Plans

Conduct Vulnerability Assessments to identify security risks and develop response measures.  Develop plans and coordinate with USCG, RSPA, DHS for approval.  Conduct annual plan audits.  Develop systems to implement program including drills, training, and exercises.